Fans of Minecraft will be excited to play this amazing game with familiar square graphics. However, instead of building, you’ll have to destroy everyone who stands in your way. The story is a typical detective: you are a police agent who has to make friends with a gang of dangerous criminals hanging out at a local bar. Everything seems to go fine at first and you are definitely making progress. But one day someone reveals your secret. And now you have to defend your life across a number of locations. Your former friends won’t leave you alone and will keep pursuing you not only at your favorite bar, but also at the night club and even in jail. Sometimes you won’t even have proper weapons to fight back. Luckily, your practice at the police department has taught you to use anything that might come in handy instead. Poke a hole in your opponent with a pool stick or grab a carving knife from the bar counter to chop off parts of his body. The game may look rather messy and violent, but the graphics is far from realistic – everything here is shaped as a square, even your enemies’ blood. You will be thrilled to play it!


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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