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Today, there are a lot of games in the web somehow connected with violence. And while many people would argue that’s not very healthy, you can’t deny that shooting and stabbing virtual enemies is much better than getting it out on your nearest and dearest. Paint the Town Red is definitely a good stress-reducing option. This crazy first-person melee fighting game will provide you with a decent dose of adrenaline and many hours of fascinating gameplay!

When good guys go bad

Our story starts at a local pool bar. The main character is an undercover agent whose task is to mix in with a famous gang of robbers responsible for some of the loudest crimes of the past decade. For quite a long time, you manage to successfully pass yourself as a bad guy. And just when your mission seems to be nearing its end, something goes wrong and your true identity is revealed. It all happens in the blink of an eye, while celebrating another profitable heist. All of a sudden, everyone stars yelling and rushing at you with an obvious intention to end your life before time. You have no choice but to defend yourself. But it isn’t going to be as easy as you would like it to be. You have no real weapon with you, so you’ll have to use the objects on the location instead. Don’t be deceived by the innocent look of a pool stick – it’s good for hitting your enemies’ heads and even making holes in them. Need something more serious? Why don’t you look behind the counter? There is a good chance of finding an empty bottle there or even a carving knife that can be used much more effectively. You are not limited in your choice. Any items that aren’t bolted to the floor can be picked up and appropriated to the situation at hand. Just think quickly and act fast to finish off all of your enemies before they get to you!

Squares and blood

When you first start playing Paint the town red, you can’t get enough of its hilarious graphics. Everything is painted in squares, even pool balls and drops of blood. The heads of your opponents are also square, which makes the game similar to Lego and Minecraft franchises. It should be said that the scenes can get pretty messy, especially given that you can chop off the foe’s head with one strike or disembody him with a special degree of cruelty. However, the cute cartoonish visuals don’t let you take everything that happens seriously. Plenty of locations, including biker’s bar, disco club and jail, unique weapons and enemies, co-op multiplayer mode and level editor make Paint the Town Red a must-play for every gamer!