Paint the Town Red for PC


How many friends have you got? Can you name a couple of them or you believe that there are many of them? Well, let’s say that there is too little number of people, who will help you in any situation, and ease your pain. Moreover, there are many cases, when individuals that are close to you gossip about you, or even try to hurt you in a bad mood. If you have ever suffered because of ill-mannered friends, South East Games presents you its game, Paint the Town Red for PC, where you can revenge everyone, who has ever hurt you. So, what interesting is there?

First of all, let’s start with a setting. You will be in a nice bar, and your friends will be playing a nice game. Then something happened, and someone tried to attack you. You shouldn’t wait a singe second, because you may be killed. To avoid such a terrible perspective, you should fight back, using everything that you see around you. You may find many useful objects, such as guns, knives, sticks and even the details of the furniture that you may tear. The very name of the game promises you rivers of blood that will be splashing on the walls and floor. If you don’t like violence, then just skip this information, and find something more peaceful. If you let yourself be a bit cruel today, then you have plenty of opportunities to kick your enemy’s ass.

Paint the Town Red is still developing and you can contribute your ideas to make it better. There are plenty of things to be added, and daily missions are among them. You can fulfill various tasks, and not only earn money, but also get to the top of best gamers! You shouldn’t think too long while playing, because your enemies will attack you without a respite. You need to be very quickly, and try to make decisions without planning your strategy: here you don’t need it. Remember that you will meet and incredibly malicious boss that worth a dozen of usual rivals, and will take you a lot of time and efforts. Earn necessary experience, and you will be capable of anything! And remember that this is only a game, and your friends have nothing to do with it. Don’t punch or slice them, we believe that they are good!


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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