Paint the Town Red v0.7.2


Every day we meet different people on the streets of our cities and towns. Sometimes we get acquainted with them, and they become close to us, others we forget the next second they disappear round the corner. We make friends with boys and girls, and sometimes they can be dear to us and integral part of our lives. But friends aren’t always good, and you can start fighting with them any time. Sometimes those quarrels are a joke, but there may be cases, when everything will lead to a terrible incident. If you want to know how to act in situations, when the things are getting out of your control, you can play in Paint the Town Red. Here you will see a group of people that are peacefully playing indoor games. But then suddenly this quiet evening turns into nightmare, and everyone starts fighting. Friends usually don’t behave like that, but you will think about this later, because now you have to find a way to survive.

Well, you can’t actually call these people friends, for they look like real gangsters, who are looking for a reason for a new fight. When they get angry, you won’t stop them. You will be surrounded by dozens of enemies that wants your blood, and they won’t stop until they kill you. But you shouldn’t be upset, because you won’t be standing with open arms’ on contrary, you can attack them with any utensil you need. Don’t be afraid to beat them with your fists, throw various objects that you see around you, and do other harmful things. You can take anything that you can lift and crash it onto rivals’ heads.

This game is still in the process of development, so new options, levels and modes will be added. That is why you will never know what features you will find, when you visit the game next time. There are levels that have unmistakable weapon and enemies, and it will take some time before you figure everything out. You will meet super powerful bosses that are very difficult to kill. The most desired thing that is still to be added to the gameplay is the set of missions that you are to complete each day.


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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