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There are so many people around us that we can’t even guess, hoe sincere they are. Sometimes we think that this person is honest and will support us in any situation, but this is scarcely true. There are only a few people, who are really devoted to us, and we can understand it only when we get into trouble. And you get a perfect chance to define, whether you can trust people around you, or not. Paint the Town Red in last version is a new combat game, where you can see how a friendly meeting is turned into a mess, and everyone starts fighting. Actually, all guys in the room want to kill your character, and you have to do everything, and even more to survive in this apartment.

Imagine that you are sitting in a nice company, where you are playing a peaceful game. Then suddenly everything goes wrong, and someone wants to punch you. You have nothing to do, but to fight back, and everyone turns against you. After a few seconds you are surrounded by rivals that don’t look friendly anymore. Their eyes are sparkling with hate, and they use everything they see to hit you. But you can act in the same way, and use everything that is within your reach. Remember that you aren’t limited in tools, and you can slice, smash, throw, beat, hit and punch your rivals, otherwise they will do the same things to you. You will see many locations that will be available after you finish a certain mission.

The game is still in the process of development, and there are a lot of things that are added practically daily. The main thing, on what the authors are working now, is the development of new levels, where you will see more enemies and cool weapon. You can subscribe to our news, and follow the updates on our site. The characters will become better in terms that consider graphics, and they will get more interesting features. Also you will find new heroes that will be extremely powerful, and you will need extra aid to vanquish him. New locations will bring you a ton of breathtaking emotions, and you will b able to complete many daily missions, and fight for the place under the sun, meaning the top of leader table. Ask your friends to join Paint the Town Red, and split your enemies’ blood everywhere!


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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