Paint the Town Red hack


If you love action and incredible adventures, Paint the Town Red will give you a chance to break away from daily routine and get a charge of adrenaline fighting for your life. You will assume the role of a special agent who was ‘implanted’ into a dangerous gang. You had to keep an eye on everything going on and inform the police of their vile plans. Unfortunately, you were found out and now you need to kill all the criminals to survive. The situation is getting worse and you have no time to reach for firearms. Instead, use you own fists and other tools to bring your opponents down. Once you step into the club, there will be just one way to stay alive – kill them all! Use various instruments, starting from a pool stick and ending with a chair leg. This is going to be messy! The game will also surprise you with unexpected graphics. Everything is performed as squares, including billiard balls and even the heads of your enemies. Because of that, bloody scenes look very funny. In the nearest future, developers promise to add new locations and new crazy scenes. Paint the Town Red is perfect for getting rid of stress and expressing your negative energy in a safe way that won’t pose any danger for any of the people surrounding you.


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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