Paint the Town Red is a rather funny and fascinating first-person game. It revolves around chaotic fights that occur on various levels in various periods of time. You can beat, punch and kick your opponents, even cut them to pieces using just about any objects you can find around and pick up. Players will have to try their wits and dexterity in epic combats taking place at the bar, in jail, at the night club, saloon and other interesting locations.

The sense of the game is to destroy square-headed opponents wave by wave delivering blows with different items – from pool sticks to meat carving knives. Aside from obvious types of weapons, there are also some other instruments that are hidden and you’ll have to find them. If you kill enough foes without being injured, a special indicator in the left corner of the screen will start to fill. Once it’s totally filled, you’ll get an opportunity to point at your enemy with a finger and initiate a sniper’s shot.

The game is in early beta and developers continuously add new levels. Current abilities include fully destructible opponents, a number of locations including biker’s bar, night club and jail with unique enemies and weapons, a sandbox level for testing the game mechanics and weapon features, powerful bosses and lush rewards and also full support of the game controller. If you still haven’t tried this amazing title, you definitely should! Clever visuals, thrilling gameplay and unbelievable atmosphere won’t let you tear away from the screen! We should mention, however, that even despite cartoonish graphics, Paint the Town Red is rather bloody, so it won’t be suitable for people who aren’t very fascinated with virtual violence.


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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