Paint the Town Red 2017


Developed by South East Games, Paint the Town Red 2017 is a 1st person melee combat game that has been widely popular even since it became available on the early access platform back in 2015. The action takes place across multiple locations at different periods of time. According to the background story, you act as an undercover police officer who needs to find his way inside a criminal gang. These guys are very dangerous, they are responsible for most of the crimes that have ever happened in the city. Your task is to get their trust and gain access to secret information. But before you can fulfill your mission, you are found out. Now the gang is pretty mad at you and all they want is your blood. Well, blood is what they are going to get, but it won’t be yours!

Engage in a series of mortal fights in bars, disco clubs, cowboy saloons and other atmospheric locations and do everything in your power to save your life. The voxel-based foes can be hurt in a variety of ways, including punching, kicking, stabbing and slicing with any of the objects available in the area. It can be just about anything, from a chair leg to a huge meat knife. The objects can be picked up, used and dropped in different ways.

The game features cooperative online multiplayer and arena mode with regularly updated challenges. Besides, you can try your hands in creating your own levels using the Level Editor and Steam Workshop. There is also a sandbox level where you can test out new weapons and features. Developers keep upgrading the gameplay with more content, so don’t forget to check up the game once in a while to find out what new perks have been added recently.


  • Walk around, look
  • Cut, Shoot and Jump

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